Every adoption, whether domestic or international, requires the action and approval of the courts. Each jurisdiction has their own policies and procedures to oversee each adoption process. Adoption can be a long and enduring journey because there are many stipulations that must be met by the adopting family. A family law attorney can help you negotiate through the process.

Home Study

One of the steps in the adoption process is the home study. The home study process may feel like it is invasive but it is a very crucial step in the adoption. The home study is needed to obtain information about the adopting family. The social worker uses this study to help in determining if a family is right for the child they want to adopt, or help them find suitable child. Additionally, the home study will also educate the adoptive family and prepare them for their new addition. There is no set format that the agency or social worker uses in this process, it is usually just training and some interviews.

Background Check

Once you have gone through a home study process, it is best to seek a background check on the child you are wanting to adopt. You will want to find out about genetics, family health history, and social history of the child. This will not only give you a sense of the child’s needs, but also provide you with information that is critical for your child to know throughout their life. There are many phrases that agencies use to describe different issues and health problems that may not be exactly easy to understand. This is where a qualified family law attorney can help you. Additionally, just because a child may have health problems, doesn’t mean that you are alone in providing health care. In certain circumstances the state will help provide health care or a state sponsored health insurance programs.

Find an Experienced Family Lawyer

If you are seeking an international adoption there are a lot more provisions and laws to consider. The adoption process is handled under the laws of the country the child lives in. In addition to these laws, there are requirements by the United States to bring these children into the country. It may sound scary dealing with another country’s government, but it is close to the same process. There are still home studies and approval processes to go through. Because of the extra care needed during the process it is best to seek the help of an experienced family law attorney to help you through it.

Although it is not necessary to have a family lawyer when you are working through the adoption process, because of the complexity involved it is in your best interest to seek counsel. When you are seeking a lawyer to help you through the process it is best to find a lawyer with experience dealing with adoption. You should ask your lawyer how many cases he or she has represented and whether or not any of them have been contested or has any other problems. This will help you to prepare mentally for more obstacles that can be avoided.